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Whether condensing gas boilers ireland needs maintenance: Condensate is a new energy saving technologies, gas-fired condensing boiler technology to break the limitations of traditional gas boiler flue gas heat is fully utilized, the thermal efficiency is also improved significantly. So, condensing gas boiler maintenance need it? The answer is given only through regular maintenance, the boiler can be more durable oil.

If a single burner extinguishes, there may also be a deviation in the center of the furnace flame, and the air pressure of the extinguished burner may change. If the fuel supply is interrupted, the oil pressure or pressure indication of the extinguished burner may decrease to zero, while the fuel and gas pressure of other operation burners may rise. After the occurrence of the above situation, the boilers ireland must be handled in a timely manner to ensure the safety of use.

Primary air tube blockage is what causes? How to prevent? Reason: 1) blocked or coked-burner fire nozzle inlet is blocked portion of small oil gun and other debris. 2) too many impurities coal, powder machine speed is too high, the pulverized coal and primary air speed too low. 3) powder machine speed is too high, too much under the powder without timely blown away. 4) a low pressure (throttle open or not to open too small), can not take away meal. Precautions: 1) to the powder and the rotational speed of the unit load and adjust relevant primary pressure according to the powder not more than 700 rpm rotation speed, a wind speed of each holding 25 ~ 30m / s, the mixed primary air temperature was controlled at 180 to 250 ℃, a pressure depending on the load, depending on coal, in the range 2.5 ~ 3.8kPa. 2) find a wind speed is too low, the primary air temperature is lower than the normal value should be to lower the rotation speed corresponding to the normal to the powder of a primary air temperature and wind speed. 3) open, gas steam boilers ireland tank should be fully cut-off torch powder, the powder in the tube is blown accumulated powder. 4) Fire mouth clogged or coked should try to remove. What causes large vibrations induced draft fan? 1) motor bearings in oil, resulting in large vibration and bearing wear; 2) even when the shaft is mounted on the center not good; 3) induced draft fan stall surge; 4) anchor bolt loosening induced draft fan; 5) blade fouling or wear ,lost balance.

Recently, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province Environmental Protection Leading Group issued a circular on promoting the transformation of ultra-low emissions and low nitrogen transformation of biomass boilers irelands gas-fired boiler. Resolutely implement - the latest requirements "2018 in Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas in 2019 autumn and winter tackling air pollution comprehensive management action plan" in, and further reduces boiler emissions standards.

1, 2019 until October 31, the use of boiler tail decoration efficient dust removal, desulfurization, stock device is accomplished ultra-low emission biomass boilers transformation of the necessary funds by the counties (cities, districts) and users together to solve, not the municipal finance I grant.

2, October 31, 2019 update for ultra-low emissions of nitrogen gas boilers, electric boilers biomass boilers, municipal finance one-time grant 30 yuan / square meter construction costs, in part by the lack of counties (cities, districts) and user common solutions.

Way: by transformation to replace the low NOx combustion, a flue gas recirculation device installation mode, NOx emission is less than 30 mg / m item.

NOx emission cuts ≥50%, and the concentration value of less than 30 mg / cubic meter project, to give up prize money of 30% in accordance with the transformation of investment.

3, after December 31, 2017 the new gas boiler, should meet the emission requirements on Taiyuan low NOx combustion, but does not enjoy the low NOx combustion subsidies.

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