50tons szs gas hot water boiler in sugar industry

What are the indicators of factors affecting the efficiency of the steam boiler Shandong? State basically in full swing during the move from coal to natural gas, 50tons szs hot water boiler in sugar industry with greatly minus the fine dust contamination, together with nitrogen oxides and other harmful gas emissions have been manipulated. Power is an important goal of measuring target hot water boiler, give you a look behind the cause of a direct impact on several hot water boiler power targets. By examining the relevant departments, and hot water boilers consume more important from these two local: the burning air-fuel ratio unqualified and heat loss. Possible to decrease heat loss can be recycled at the end of the formation of the latent heat of flue gas hot water boiler assembly, or with more kinds of class condensing boiler. Burning fuel ratio unqualified inappropriate Summary: General hot water boiler according ejector incinerator machine, causing air-fuel ratio can not be flexibly adjusted. 70% of the hot water boiler is a mechanical blower according burning machine, leading to substandard fuel ratio has the following several reasons: the more important fuel ratio failure probability can be divided into two types: When oxygen is overrun, there will not be excessive cold air is heat, hot water boiler power lead to the use of improved hot water boiler output target weakened; when oxygen is non-compliant, there will be insufficient burning phenomenon, showing a hot water boiler output target weakened. Shandong gas boiler steam boiler talked about how sewage? (1) inside open blowdown valve; (2) gradually open the blowdown valve external to warm up and sewage pipes; (3) an external switch repeatedly discharge water valve, slow flush pan scale , so that as the scale is discharged; (4) locking the inner blowdown valve, between these two discharge water storage water drain valve; (5) locking the outer blowdown valve, sewage terminated. When the people usually use gas steam boiler, power outage situation is obviously occurs when there is, admittedly now very small probability of occurrence of a power outage, What, then the people can not ignore this kind of situation may occur. The author taught the people, process knowledge this type of situation from occurring. First, after the power outage, the total mass to quickly lock steam boiler gas valve, this kind of boiler is to avoid the effect of leaking. Second, the next step is to lock the main switch valve with various natural gas steam boiler circuit. Third, locking gas steam boiler slag coherent various water discharge valve block, otherwise will probably cause additional problems of a coherent gas steam boiler. Fourth, to lock the various air intake valve deaerator. Fifth, the above outline done, in accordance with the order of daily occurrence to stop using the shutdown to manipulate, and verify that the volume of water in the furnace, gas and other energy corresponding to the description. Power outages may now be able to basically be able to say that very little gas steam generating boiler work, What, then public still can not completely avoid this kind of situation, which also requires manipulation of the masses of standard rules of this kind of situation occurred after carefully , as if such a situation occurs, etc. without question.

Open the presentation characteristics of gas-fired boiler gas boiler includes a gas water boiler, gas 50tons szs hot water boiler in sugar industry, gas steam boilers, gas hot water boiler which is also known as gas heating boilers and gas boilers bath, as the name suggests refers to the gas boiler fuel for the gas boiler, gas boilers and oil-fired boiler, electric boiler compared to the most economical, most people have opted for a gas boiler as steam, heating, boiler equipment for bathing. Gas boiler features introduced large font display temperature, easy to grasp and boiler operating conditions of the system, the water temperature can be freely set from 10 ℃ to 90 ℃, automatic boiler or heating system to provide users with life, bath with hot water. The control system controls the temperature of the boiler water circulating pump start and stop, boiler water circulating pump starts when the water reaches an upper limit temperature, lower than the hot water circulation pump stops when the water temperature lower limit. Horizontal bath gas boiler three return all wet back structure, using a large furnace, rough smoke tube design, increased furnace radiation heat absorption, the effective energy saving. Using threaded pipe and waveform furnace, greatly enhanced heat transfer effect, greatly saving fuel consumption. Machine equipped with thermal protection (ultrahigh temperature furnace, the burner is automatically stopped and an alarm buzzer, the second over protection (the boiler shell temperature exceeds 105 deg.] C, the secondary circuit is automatically cut off), anti-dry water protection (when the boiler water level is below low, the boiler is stopped and an alarm beep), a boiler leakage protection (the control system detects electrical leakage, short circuit, automatically cut off the power). press pressure boiler design, the boiler is no pressure state, there is no safety hazard. centrifugal using advanced multilayer insulation wool, a steel sheet for packaging famous white color, heat loss, anti-rust appearance.

Boiler energy efficiency testing to detect what are: boiler energy efficiency testing, both for boiler manufacturers, boiler or customers, are very important testing authority. First of all, it is the assessment of the boiler manufacturers to test whether the performance of the products guarantee value. Then, it is clear the main factors affecting the energy efficiency of the test results and the analysis of influencing factors, manufacturers may have to adjust the targeted short term, making products more efficient and safe. These adjust the final beneficiary who is a client application, because the boiler thermal efficiency of the boiler test content directly affect energy consumption, related to the interests of customers. The main contents of the boiler efficiency testing 1, the boiler thermal efficiency test: a) evaporation boiler assay; b) the excess air ratio boiler detection; c) exhaust gas temperature detection; D) of the fuel combustion efficiency test; E) the thermal efficiency of the boiler test; F) fuel consumption; G) than gasoline, kerosene and the like. 2, a new boiler product energy efficiency testing: whether the determination of the thermal performance of the boiler as designed to determine the operating mode of the device. The boiler evaporation, thermal efficiency, combustion efficiency, the heat loss and the like. 3, boiler operation adjustment test: to determine the most economical boiler operation mode to identify deficiencies in the operation of the boiler. The maximum boiler load, the minimum load of the boiler, fuel requirements, economic load, exhaust gas temperature and reasonable, the best air-coal ratio, the excess air ratio, the ratio of secondary air and the like. 4, before and after thermal performance comparison test boiler: evaporation variation, the influence of combustion, thermal efficiency of the boiler and the like. 5, fuel industry analysis, elemental analysis: determination of coal, oil, gas and other fuel quality, ease of controlling the fuel into the plant enterprise quality. 6, water quality testing, scale-like: Water quality is determined, the control indicators boiler water to prevent boiler scaling.

To further promote the comprehensive management of coal-fired boilers, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, according to "Jincheng Blue win the Battle of three-year action plan" requirements, plans to complete 109 units of 10-20 tons of steam "small coal-fired boilers" within this year the phase-out, at the same time, Jincheng will start working out of 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers.

This year, Jincheng counties (cities, districts) the environmental sector will urge the relevant enterprises and institutions to eliminate the basis of 10 tons of steam and coal-fired boilers on in 2018 to accelerate the phase-out and 20 tons of steam coal-fired boilers. This year, the city to complete 109 units (10-20 tons of steam boilers) working out of a total of 589.5 tons of steam boilers; at the same time, Jincheng will also speed up the foundation and 20 tons of steam coal-fired boiler out, start 35 tons of steam phase out coal-fired boilers, in principle, within the city's new domain-wide 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers.

In addition, Jincheng will accelerate the transformation of ultra-low emission. Before the end of September this year, the city will complete 52 units (65 tons of steam per hour and higher coal-fired boilers) coal-fired heating boilers ultra-low total of 4530 tons of steam boilers transformation, and the county (city) built-up area, biomass boilers emissions transformation. After transformation, under condition of the reference oxygen content of 6%, soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emission concentration of these boilers respectively not higher than 10 mg / m, 35 mg / m and 50 mg / m.

Transformation of low nitrogen in the combustion aspect, before the end of October, Jincheng station 610 will complete the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion Total 1940.15 tons of steam gas boiler, after completion of the transformation, the boiler NOx emission will not exceed 50 mg / m.

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