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If you know a little about chemistry, you may know that the sulfur content of oil and coal is roughly equal, but ask what low-temperature corrosion of oil-fired boilers is much more serious than coal-fired boilers, for two main reasons:

1. 90% of ash in coal-fired boiler, especially coal powder furnace, is taken away by flue gas, sulphuric acid steam formed in flue gas is absorbed by fly ash in flue gas, so that sulfuric acid vapor in flue gas is reduced, and about half of sulfur remains in ash when coal is burned. When the oil is burning, the sulfur content in the fuel almost all changes to the ash in the SO2, fuel, the fly ash in the flue gas is very little, and the adsorption ability to the sulphuric acid vapor in the flue gas is very weak.

2. The hydrogen content of oil in the oil-fired boiler is about 11%-12%. The combustion of each ton of fuel oil can produce about 1 ton of water vapor, and the partial pressure of steam in the flue gas is higher than that in the case of coal-burning.

Performance horizontal oil-fired boiler is now full of water and the handling of horizontal three pass wet back structure steam boiler steam boiler accident refers to a horizontal design, in accordance with the fuel divided into horizontal electric steam boilers, horizontal steam boiler fuel, gas steam boiler and lying horizontal coal-fired steam boilers. Horizontal steam boiler flue gas flow due to the long, slow smoke, high thermal efficiency, it is very energy efficient. Horizontal steam boiler filled with water treatment and now the performance of an accident, the phenomenon of (1) the water level is higher than the maximum permitted cable, or can not see the water level, water table within a glass tube (board) Color dark boiler full of water. (2) all of the water phase as a color level gauge indication color. High-water alarm signal (3) water level alarm occurs. (4) decreased superheated steam temperature. (5) water flow is not normally greater than the steam flow. (6) water in a large number of sub-cylinder, severe trap operation. (7) with a large amount of water steam severe, increased salinity, water hammer occurs in the sound of the steam pipe, the steam connection flange outwardly dripping take place. 2, boiler full of water treatment rinse water table, determined to be minor or serious full of water full of water. Method: Close water table, the water pipe connected cock, then open drain cocks As can be seen from the decreased water level, indicating a slight full of water, the water supply is stopped, the drain valve open, put to the normal water level. Such as severe filled with water due to take emergency shutdown measures.

To conscientiously implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council "on the overall strengthening of environmental protection and resolutely fight pollution prevention advice tough fight" and "the State Council on the issuance of three-year winning the Battle of the blue sky plan of action," the spirit, boiler emissions control, prevention and treatment air pollution, the State environmental Protection Department to develop "boiler air pollutant emission standards." In order to further the implementation of air pollution control operations, all regions at the same time meet the national standard, but also have introduced a more stringent local standards.

From the implementation of the Beijing gas nitrogen oxide emission standards for boilers began 30mg, emissions from gas-fired boiler has been of great concern, expand around the "coal to gas" action, so that gas such devices become the most countries to promote clean energy boiler.

The transformation of the current common low nitrogen boiler, there are three main measures: (1) replacement of boilers, (2) replace the burner (3) in the boiler flue gas treatment.

Controlling the nitrogen oxide generated from the source, the most advanced technology on the market today is the use of flue gas recirculation techniques and FGR premix combustion gas boiler technology, both having different focus, low nitrogen emissions boiler.

Replace the boiler burner, renovation and debugging, and the impact on the safety performance of the resulting boiler, burner unit by the responsible manufacturer or his authorized. Beijing Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued the "Notice on the transformation of the low - NOx combustion safety risk warning" states: the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion boiler diverse, complex technology, to protect the smooth implementation of the work of reform, effective prevent security risks, prevent accidents, analysis and appraisal by experts, it is not recommended comprehensive safety, environmental factors, the following recommendations:

Nitrogen oxides have been generated by some means and then reduced to nitrogen, the main fuel reburning, selective catalytic reduction, selective non-catalytic reduction. But in the actual monitoring, the nitrogen oxide emissions controllability is poor.

The transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler is a need for long-term adherence and actively manage the work, under the premise to meet the national standards, do specifically address the specific circumstances, not blindly, careless handling, to adopt plans, goals, ideas implementation, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade gas boiler.

To introduce three pass wet back structure steam boiler pressure gauge and hydraulic press accumulator using steam boiler pressure gauge should pay attention to: 1, rated steam pressure is less than 2.45MPa steam boiler, the accuracy of pressure gauge must not be 2. 5; Rated steam pressure large or equal to 2.45MPa boiler, pressure must not be less than 1. 5 class. The diameter of the dial of the pressure gauge shall not be less than 100 mm to ensure that the operator can see clearly the surface pressure indicator value. 2. A red line should be drawn on the pressure dial of the steam boiler pressure gauge, indicating the maximum allowable working pressure. Steam boiler pressure gauges should be installed in a place that is easy to observe and wash. 4. Steam boiler pressure gauges should be checked at least once every six months, and should be sealed with lead after calibration. 5. Steam boiler pressure gauges should not have leakage of water and steam leakage in the connecting tubes of the pressure gauges of steam boilers. (4) the steam boiler pressure gauges should be checked at least once every six months and sealed with lead. 5. Otherwise, the pressure indicator value will be reduced. 6. The measurement range of the steam boiler pressure gauge should be adapted to the working pressure of the measured components, usually 1.5 times of the working pressure, preferably 2 times of the working pressure. Steam boiler does not have pressure gauge, the pressure gauge is damaged or the installation of pressure gauge does not meet the requirements, steam boiler pressure gauge should be stopped when one of the following conditions: 1, broken surface glass or dial calibration mold There is no clear paste; 2, no lead seal, lead seal damage or beyond the calibration period; 3, without pressure, the pressure gauge of the finite pin can not be restored to the limit pin, the infinite position of the gauge pointer deviated from zero data beyond the allowable pressure clothing; 4, gas leakage or pointer jump in the meter; 5, other defects that affect the accuracy of the gauge. Purpose of the accumulator: the accumulator is used in the hydraulic system of intermittent machinery, which stores the oil output of the hydraulic pump during intermittent or low-speed movement of the actuator, and when the rapid movement of the actuator requires a large flow rate, As an auxiliary energy source, together with the hydraulic pump, the oil pump is supplied to the system, thus the oil pump and the hydraulic pump are realized. The miniaturization of the whole hydraulic device absorbs the quick opening and closing of the impact hydraulic reversing valve and the sudden change of the load. The system will produce shock pressure, the darling will lead to vibration and noise, and even damage the machine. The accumulator can mitigate the impact pressure absorption pulsation of these fluids absorb and reduce the flow pulsation and pressure pulsation of various hydraulic pumps thus reducing the system noise and vibration. The damped accumulator acts as a gas spring and can be used to absorb the vibration between the fuselage and wheels of walking machinery such as vehicles. The balanced accumulator absorbs the gravitational potential energy of the vertical actuator (hydraulic cylinder) and its load as it falls. When the vertical actuator rises, the accumulator releases the original absorbed energy and supplies oil to the hydraulic cylinder together with the pump, thus realizing the balance and energy saving.

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